Conservatory Upgrade

Conservatory Upgrade

Ever Thought of Upgrading your Conservatory?

If, like us, you love your conservatory, but feel that it is looking a bit tired and dreary, rather than knock it down and start again, you might like to think about revamping it. For much less money than buying a new one you can create a brand new look and feel to your conservatory with a lot less bother.

Take a look at the photos below; the after shots clearly show how completely different and updated your conservatory could look.

In this case the customer had new UPVC A-rated, double-glazed windows and French doors, a new UPVC roof with thermal infill panels on the exterior and a ThermoSave insulated ceiling on the interior.  Of course, you don't have to go the whole hog; you might only require new polycarbonate or maybe replace a double glazed unit that has broken down.

The 'Before' shot above and the 'After' shot below - what a difference!

We can revamp as much or as little as you want. So rather than sit indoors glaring at your ugly, unused conservatory, let us help you transform it into a loveable living space.

Thought I would bring you up to date on our conservatory you so kindly built and put such a marvellous roofing system on for us, we eat all of our meals in there even on the hottest day of the year so far. Its like being in another world we just can’t believe how effective it all is, once again, Thank You all.

Yours sincerely

Mr & Mrs S, Peterborough

The before shot of the conservatory below shows an unused, unloved empty space - sad and forlorn.  Once we had finished with it, installing double-glazed A-rated windows and doors and an Equinox tiled roof, it had been revitalised and is now an integral, much used and definitely much loved part of the family home.  

Hey Presto!  Look what a difference ThermoGreen can make! 

If you are looking to use the space that your conservatory offers, but want to use it when you want to and not when the weather dictates, a full conservatory upgrade is the answer.  A-rated, thermal efficient windows and doors and an insulated roof - simple really!

Repairs - Do you have any of these problems?

* Cracked polycarbonate panels

* Broken seals

Leaks from gaskets or lead flashing

* Leaks from guttering and downpipes

* Window stays not staying!

* Cracked windows

* Misted up windows

* Damaged window board

* Damaged hinges, locks or handles

* Damaged step

* Door not shutting properly

* Missing end-caps

If so, give us a call - we can help.  No job too small.   

Upgrade your Thermal Efficiency

You could, if you wanted, go the whole hog and have an insulated conservatory roof put on at the same time as updating your conservatory, giving yourself the very best, thermally efficient conservatory that you possibly can which can be used 365 days of the year. In this example, the pitch was raised enabling more light to come in through extra windows. The base remained, but the frame, roof, doors, glass and handles were all brand new.

The 'Before' shot above is much different to the 'After' shot below

The extreme case below proves that even an old conservatory without dwarf walls can be made into something much more usueable (and aesthetically pleasing!)

From the above to the below - yes, it really is the same address!

A whole new look below, inside and out.

And a cosy interior with a ThermoSave insulated ceiling completed the above revamp  

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