Thermal Insulated Infill Panels

Thermal Insulated Infill Panels

Thermal Insulated Infill Panels

An option if you don’t like the look of your polycarbonate and want to include some thermal efficiency in your conservatory is to have reinforced UPVC insulated panels fitted.  Bright white in colour, they are cut to size and replace polycarbonate or glass panels in your conservatory roof.  They help the conservatory to stay warmer in the winter, not allowing anywhere near as much heat to escape through your roof as polycarbonate or glass, and they help to reduce the sun’s rays from penetrating through, reducing heat and glare during the summer. 

Effective on their own, but even better when combined with our ThermoSave insulated ceiling product.  The insulated panels make your conservatory aesthetically pleasing to the eye on the exterior and provide a layer of thermal efficiency.  The ThermoSave insulated ceiling ensures that you can use your conservatory 365 days of the year whatever the weather decides to throw at us and looks elegant, bright and clean on the interior.   

Please give us a call to discuss all possibilities so that guided by us, the experts, you can decide on the best way forward to being able to use your conservatory every day of the year. 

Increase useable living space for your home * Be warmer in winter  *  Be cooler in summer  *  Eliminate glare  *  Be much quieter when it rains  *  Eliminate harmful rays  *  Reduce energy costs  *  Reduce fade on furniture  *  Reduce condensation  *  Aesthetically pleasing

Clean, bright & white - Thermal Infill Panels 

Thermal Infill Panels (complete with autumn leaves!)

Thermal Infill Panels together with 2 glass panels 


This customer had a new roof as well as thermal infill panels and a ThermoSave ceiling

This customer had thermal infill panels, a ThermoSave ceiling and 2 glass panels giving a lovely contemporary look to their conservatory 

5 Year Guarantee

ThermoGreen has a commitment to quality and giving our customers peace of mind in knowing they’re dealing with an open, honest and professional company.  We are happy to provide a 5 year insurance backed guarantee on our Thermal Infill Panel roofs. 

Quick Installation

Thermal infill panel roofs take just 1 day to install.  Our fitters are efficient, professional tradesmen with a caring attitude and disruption is, therefore, kept to a minimum.

Compare this 'before' shot 

to this 'after' shot.

Not only looks so much better, but is thermally so much more efficient.  The ThermoSave ceiling inside ensures this conservatory will be used 365 days of the year. 

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