ThermoSave Insulated Conservatory Ceiling

ThermoSave Insulated Conservatory Ceiling

Enjoy the Benefits of an Insulated Conservatory Ceiling

Is your Conservatory: too HOT in the summer, too COLD in the winter, unbearably NOISY when it rains, GLARINGLY bright?  If so, why not consider our ThermoSave insulated conservatory ceiling which will enable you to use your conservatory ALL YEAR ROUND, whatever the weather. 

Our insulated conservatory ceiling, ThermoSave, keeps the heat in during the winter and the hot sun out during the summer. Your conservatory becomes a useable living space all year round, even reducing outside noise including heavy rain.  Just think of the uses you could now have for your conservatory: somewhere to sit and relax, a place to entertain friends.  You might be in need of a home office or somewhere to fill with toys for the kids to play.  You might decide to turn your conservatory into an elegant dining room or a place to call your own to practice yoga or pilates.  Whatever your reason for wanting to use your conservatory all year round, an insulated ceiling from ThermoGreen will enable you to do so. 

ThermoSave insulated ceilings are fitted from the inside of your conservatory leaving your existing polycarbonate roof in place.  Its outstanding insulation properties keep your conservatory from losing heat during the winter while in the summer the sun’s heat is reflected away, keeping it much cooler.  It drastically helps to reduce condensation, glare from the sun and noise from heavy rain.

The U-value (unit of measurement) of ThermoSave insulated ceilings is approximately 0.9; compare this to polycarbonate at 2.4, glass conservatory roofs at 1.6, double glazing at 1.4 and triple glazing at 1.0, you can begin to see how effective ThermoSave is, as the lower the number, the better.

ThermoSave insulated ceilings are completed inside in a bright, matt white finish using 9mm UPVC hollow clad board. The dual action of this board means it creates air flow which further reduces possible condensation problems and the double lining helps to improve insulation.

ThermoSave conservatory ceilings are also super lightweight and cause no concern to the structural integrity of your conservatory and are quickly and easily installed, giving you back a conservatory you can spend time relaxing and enjoying yourself in.

A ThermoSave insulated ceiling will:

Increase useable living space for your home * Be warmer in winter  *  Be cooler in summer  *  Eliminate glare  *  Be much quieter when it rains  *  Eliminate harmful rays  *  Reduce energy costs  *  Reduce fade on furniture  *  Reduce condensation

Whether you want to use your conservatory every day of the week or only want to use it sometimes, but want it comfortable when you do, ThermoSave is the answer. 

It’s time to turn that conservatory into a comfortable, useable living space, so give us a call on 01507 524624, send us an email to or complete our enquiry form on the 'Contact' page. We look forward to hearing from you.

Fall in love with your conservatory again!


One of our fitters hard at work fitting a ThermoSave ceiling

Job done!

5 Year Guarantee

ThermoGreen has a commitment to quality and giving our customers peace of mind in knowing they’re dealing with an open, honest and professional company.  We are happy to provide a 5 year insurance backed guarantee on our ThermoSave roofs. 

Quick Installation

ThermoSave roofs take just 1 day to install.  Our fitters are efficient, professional tradesmen with a caring attitude and disruption is, therefore, kept to a minimum.




ThermoSave is our most recommended product!  

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