equinox® Insulated Conservatory Roof

equinox® Insulated Conservatory Roof

equinox® Insulated Conservatory Roof

Is your Conservatory: too HOT in the summer, too COLD in the winter, unbearably NOISY when it rains, GLARINGLY bright?  Why not consider an insulated roofing system which will enable you to use your conservatory ALL YEAR ROUND, whatever the weather.

The equinox® roofing system is the perfect solution to the perennial problem of too hot/too cold conservatories.  Combining high-quality precision engineering with attractive styling inside and out, you will add valuable extra useable living space to your home without the high cost of building an extension.  Compatible with all types of conservatory shapes, the tiled exterior finish can complement your property’s existing roof or you can choose a different colour option entirely from a choice of steel tiles or composite slate tiles.   

If light reduction is a concern, then roof windows can easily be added and low voltage spotlights can be built into the ceiling if desired.  equinox® conservatory roofs are completed inside in a smooth plastered finish.   

The U-value (unit of measurement) of a fully insulated equinox®  roof achieves 0.16; compare this to polycarbonate at 2.4, glass conservatory roofs at 1.6, double glazing at 1.4 and triple glazing at 1.0, you can begin to see how effective equinox® is, as the lower the number, the better. 

There are two tile options:   

Versatile steel shingle tiles offer a simple, attractive solution.  Made from lightweight steel and available in a choice of colours.   

Made from a recyclable blend of limestone and polypropylene, composite slate tiles offer authentic natural looks without the risk of shattering, fading, warping or cracking and are available in a choice of colours.              

An equinox® insulated roof will:

Increase useable living space for your home   *   Be warmer in winter  *  Be cooler in summer  *  Eliminate glare  *  Be much quieter when it rains  *  Eliminate harmful rays  *  Reduce energy costs  *  Reduce fade on furniture  *  Reduce condensation   *    Require no outside cleaning 

New regulations require tiled conservatory roofs to obtain Building Control Approval which we sort out for you. 

If you would like to use your conservatory 365 days of the year, then please give us a call to arrange a visit; we do not pressurise, we simply show you the product, work out your price and leave the decision up to you (it may be one of the easiest decisions you will ever make!).

It’s time to turn that conservatory into a comfortable, useable living space, so give us a call on 01507 524624, send an email to info@thermogreen.co.uk or complete our enquiry form on the 'Contact' page. We look forward to hearing from you.

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As well as choosing the right colour of tile for your roof, you can also decide whether to incorporate a little more light into your conservatory by including opening windows or fixed panes of glass and artificial lighting can be via spotlights or central lighting.  Your new equinox® roof also comes with brand new fascia and guttering in a choice of colours.  

A plastered finish with opening window and spotlights

10 Year Guarantee

ThermoGreen has a commitment to quality and giving our customers peace of mind in knowing they’re dealing with an open, honest and professional company.  We are happy to provide a 10 year guarantee on our equinox® roofs. 

Quick Installation

equinox® roofs take 4-6 days to install.  Our fitters are efficient, professional tradesmen with a caring attitude and disruption is, therefore, kept to a minimum.

A Choice of Colour for your Composite Slate/Steel Tile



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