Windows & Doors

Windows & Doors

Feel Secure and Safe with our Windows & Doors

Windows and doors are the face of our homes. There is nothing that says ‘I love and look after my home’ more than lovely bright new windows and a clean, modern front door. ThermoGreen offer a vast range of UPVC and aluminium windows and UPVC and composite doors in a variety of colours and finishes.

UPVC Windows

Our UPVC windows are strong, durable and versatile. They don’t rot, rust or fade and stand up to our British weather impeccably. Unlike wooden windows, they don’t need repainting and remain looking crisp and new with just a wipe over with a damp cloth. Our UPVC windows have security conscious multi-locking systems and are either A-rated double or triple glazed, offering brilliant thermal efficiency and noise reduction.  

White UPVC windows are probably the most often requested, but woodgrain in caramel or brown and contemporary colours like cream and green are gaining in popularity.

Aluminium Windows

There is now a trend for aluminium windows, but this time round, they aren’t the silver aluminium in hardwood frames of the past! They are thinner, stronger and unrivalled in their durability and flexibility. They are now built with a thermal break which eliminates condensation problems and come in a range of contemporary colours which look super trendy and smart. As with UPVC windows, they are virtually maintenance-free, just requiring a wipe down with a damp cloth to keep them looking pristine.

Composite Doors

The first thought many of us have when it comes to new doors is security. Composite doors are by their very nature incredibly strong and ours contain an ultra-secure, 5-point locking system.  Composite doors are also known for their outstanding thermal efficiency, helped by a triple-seal frame, which helps reduce energy costs in your home. Low maintenance, secure and available in a variety of colours and styles, you can be sure to find a modern composite door to suit you.

UPVC Doors

A perennial favourite, the UPVC door is low maintenance, strong, durable, thermally efficient and boasts a multi-point locking system.   Available in a range of styles with the choice of white or different wood effect finishes it will certainly compliment any home.

Bi-Fold Doors

The latest trend which is catching on more and more is to open up our homes with bi-fold doors. Creating a wall of space, bi-fold doors invite the garden in and give us that lovely feeling of well-being and being at one with nature. Our UPVC bi-fold doors are the first and only system to achieve the BBA accreditation so you can be assured that they are safe, strong and secure.  Made from UPVC or aluminium there is a choice of colour to suit your home. 

French Doors

French doors not only let a lot of light in, but they are both practical and secure.  Thermally efficient, they are made from either UPVC or aluminium for greater choice of colour and finish and will look elegant and smart for years to come. Low maintenance, they require only a wipe down with a damp cloth to keep them looking perfect. French doors are a lovely addition to your home being both a gateway to your garden and a barricade against the fickle British weather.

Patio Doors

When space is an issue, patio doors really come into their own. Slim and attractive offering a lovely view of the outside they are internally glazed for extra security and an anti-lift device prevents panes from being lifted by a would-be intruder. Made from durable and strong UPVC, our easy glide patio doors are fully weather-sealed to keep out any draughts. Our patio doors will flood your room with natural light and open up even the smallest of spaces.

Superb quality windows & doors sensibly priced

10 Year Guarantee

ThermoGreen has a commitment to quality and giving our customers peace of mind in knowing they’re dealing with an open, honest and professional company.  We are Certass registered and provide a 10-year insurance-backed guarantee from the market leading InstallSure on all our windows and doors as well as our own 10-year guarantee. 

Quick Installation

We will always do our utmost to complete your installation as quickly as possible.  Once started, we will finish the job and never go off-site to other jobs.  Our fitters are efficient, professional tradesmen with a caring attitude and disruption is, therefore, kept to a minimum.

Save Money

Modern windows and doors can quite literally save you money.  The thermal efficiency of our modern products reduces energy bills and the simple maintenance of wiping things down and not having to repaint or revarnish is time efficient and costs nothing beyond a cloth and detergent. 

Double or Triple Glazing?

Both double and triple glazing give you excellent thermal efficiency and noise reduction.  The u-value (the system of measurement used) for double glazing is 1.4 and for triple glazing it is 1.1.  Unless you live on a main road, for example, which is busy and noisy, double glazing is really all you need, but the choice is yours.  

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